At Changez.io our mission is to build better organisations by solving the management issues that get in the way of success or can even spell the end of otherwise successful undertakings.

Our approach is one of creating insight and understanding so the right action can be taken to improve problematic situations.

Building better organisations

Organisations are a fact of life for creating and delivering the products, services, entertainments and comforts of modern life. It's almost impossible to live a modern life and not be part of an organisation. Of course organisations don't just happen - they are built by us humans, each one for a specific purpose.

These purposeful organisations are like living organisms and like organisms they can suffer ill health, they can:

  • loose their sense of direction and purpose
  • loose their ability to compete - including so called boiled frog syndrome
  • find their output is no longer desired or required
  • discover that someone has got better at what they do
  • develop the direction changing characteristics of a super tanker
  • suffer problems between internal organs with departmental battles, stove pipe design, failures of communication and resource allocation.

These typical organisational failings need management to fix them before they go under or do long lasting damage to those who are associated with or work inside them.

Insight into action

Many issues in organisations are problems relatively easily dealt with, indeed they are the everyday fare of managers the world over. Other issues go deeper, are often harder to identify and ultimately are more destructive. These tricky issues are the area in which changez.io works. These tricky issues are also known as 'messy' meaning there are many, often conflicting influences, that need to be taken into account, in other words the resolution isn't obvious.

Returning the organisation to health is a problem in three parts:

  1. diagnosing the issue
  2. deciding on the remedy
  3. implementing that remedy

At changez.io we sum up this process as insight into action - the process by which we engage with clients and work with them to deliver change and improvement that builds a better organisation.

We have developed systems and processes, many of them facilitated group activities, that build insight and clarity. To this we add knowledge of culture, best practice and industry experience to produce recommendations that we support our clients to implement. Many of our tools and techniques are based in the concepts of systems thinking.

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