Our approach

With sleeves rolled up

All our consultants are 'hands-on' which means they are deeply involved in discovering, engaging, researching, questioning, comparing - in fact doing all the things that need to be done to understand and model the way something works. When you know how something works you're in a great position to understand why it's not performing as expected, to change it and improve it.

The Project Flow

The changez.io approach to resolving organisational issues is guided by our project flow. The Flow keeps the project moving forward efficiently, effectively and keeps us engaged with our client and their needs. It works like this....

Engagement -> Insight -> Action

The Flow works through three phases: Engagement, Insight and Action.
Is there a typical organisation with a typical organisational issue? Probably not, but experience tells us that engaging with organisational issues in a structured way provides the best outcome.

Within the three phases there are 11 steps:

The Flow



When a management issue is having an impact on organisational performance it makes sense to consider the best and quickest way to a solution. Engaging outside expertise may be that route. We recognise that the process of bringing an external consultant into a problematic situation requires work from both consultant and client but we appreciate that effort at the outset provides a firm foundation upon which the rest of the solution process can operate. This leads to better outcomes and an organisation returned to performance in less time.


Solving issues of management is about understanding the current situation and understanding the drivers that created it in the first place. A process of discovery and review is at the heart of creating insight. Understanding the dynamics of a situation is critical to crafting recommendations for effective recovery action.


Considered action, not just any action, is critical to resolving management issues efficiently and effectively. Creating the right recommendations is the first step towards acting purposefully to resolve issues that undermine performance. Recommendations alone are not sufficient however, the recommended actions must be achievable and clients must be in a position to engage with them and with the consultant to realise the improvements. Our expertise in understanding is balanced with our experience of deployment of solutions. In the whole process we believe it is important that we never lose sight that it is the client who is the expert in the specifics of their organisation. Our work only succeeds in partnership with our clients.

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