Our principles

Our principles underpin our mission and gives shape to all we do.


Our mission is to improve organisations so they are effective and efficient at achieving the outcomes they want. We do this by working in partnership, bringing challenge, through our knowledge and facilitation skills. We learn together to know what must be done to improve strategy, structure, culture and operations.

Trust is the glue that binds us together.

Building trust is vital. Trust is the glue that holds our organisations together. Once joined the bonds of trust can withstand a degree of stress. In organisations where trust is over-stressed there is but a weak foundation upon which to build for the future.

Learning is the key to the future.

Organisational learning is the key to the future of all organisations. Of course organisations don't themselves learn, but they are the product of what has been learnt. The greater the capability built into the organisation for learning and changing the closer the organisation is to a living system that can grow, develop and adapt.

Systems thinking helps avoid the fixes that fail.

Thinking in terms of systems defends against short-term, unrealistic solutions. These 'solutions' are very attractive of course (just look at the number of quick-fix business books) but they are a disservice to the customers, staff and other stakeholders in the organisation.

Sustainable systems are built on awareness and commitment.

Our organisations are systems that are themselves sub-systems of larger systems. We do well to reflect on how activities within our sub-systems affect ourselves and the systems around us. Without this knowledge we risk destroying systems just because we do not see what we are doing.

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