What we do

Help build successful organisations

At changez.io we have decades of experience working with organisations of all kinds, all sizes, in different industries, in public service and not for profit.

Our purpose is to help organisanisations define their strategic goals, find the path they want to travel and help solve the issues that crop up on the way so that they walk their path with efficiently and effectively.

Areas of support


Problems of 'direction' can have a considerable impact on organisational performance. Resolution by engagaing outside expertise can be the fastest way to return to efficiency and effectiveness. We recognise that the process of bringing a consultant onboard requires commitment from both client and consultant but our experience in building productive relationships means a quicker route to better solutions and smoother running organisations.


People are the beating heart of organisations. They create its history and its culture, sometimes they are also the source of its challenges. In problematic situtaions often everyone has a slightly different view of the problem making resolution complex. Consultancy in the area of management is about understanding the current situation and the drivers that have created it. Its about engaging with different views and opinions. This is the insight that's necessary to create recommendations for viable action to resolve, and not just suppress, the difficulties.


Efficient and effective operations are vital to the survival of an organisation. Operations need to be managed both with a clear plan for development and investment and with a people strategy that encourages learning for efficiency and improvement. 'Hard' operational problems are often straightforward to resolve,'soft' management problems of culture, learning and teamwork are more demanding and consultancy intervention can bring additional knowledge and resources to the problem situation.

How we do it


We engage

Organisations take living organisms as a metaphor. This suggests there are connections and a delicate balance between the different parts of organisations. As an outside consultant, successfully stepping into this complexity, without upsetting the balance, takes care and flexibility. This is why we attach importance to the engagement phase of our work. Through the right kind of engagement we aim to set the scene for a successful intervention.


We discover

'Finding out' is at the heart of the consultancy process, along with 'understanding'. Our practice is based upon the principles and tools of systems thinking. We take from both the 'hard' and 'soft' traditions of systems thinking. Thinking in systems is about understanding layers and it is the tool we use for getting to grips with the complexity of connections in organisations.


We recommend

Many management issues are 'fuzzy' and ill-defined. Producing clear recommendations for action allows organisational managers to make clear judgements about what they want to change and what resources they have available to deploy.


We implement

Our consultants are always ready to help clients implement their recommendations. We believe consultat and client should always work hand in hand. This approach means we are never far from the reality of implementation - the heart of our process of learning for improvement. With experience of everything from online materials to live events we also can help to 'explain the change' if that is necessary.

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